Makurdi Urban Chilling Organiser Promise To Bring Wizkid Second Edition Of The Festival (Read exclusive interview)

We are working towards making MUC a success not just for the sake of the forthcoming show, but we are working towards making subsequent editions, not just better but great.
These where the words of Faithfulness Dennis Ayo, also known as Tesla who is one of the organisers of Makurdi urban chilling.
In an interview conducted by Hype247 Media. On the interview Tesla seat down with King Nellix and was able to vividly articulate activities that will take course at the MUC.

Hype24/7: Sir, please may we know you?
Yes I am Faithfulness Dennis Ayo also known as Tesla, I am a student of Benue State University ( strike university) Laugh…. I am one of the organisers of Makurdi Urban Chilling.. Thank you.

Hype24/7: Can you tell us what Makurdi Urban Chilling is all about?
The unique platform MUC represents a revolutionary innovation in entertainment. MUC creates a virtual meeting place that combines the dissemination of fun-filled activities such as FIFA competition, Music,Comedy ,Sale, sports…and lots more.

Hype24/7: What Is The Motive behind MUC?

The motive of MUC is to showcase Benue to the world, let everybody know about Benue state when it comes to entertainment. For instance if you see Lagos and USA you will discover that they have great festivals, Like the Lagos countdown which comes up in December every year. We also have the most talked about Coachella musical feast in California USA. So we are trying to put Benue state on a map of great festivals, not just in Nigeria but to the world using Muc.

Hype24/7: Are you expecting a massive turn out tomorrow?

Wow, i’m really surprised because we recorded large amount of sales of ticket for the event so it will be a massive turn out tomorrow.I believe so and trust my words everything we promised will be available there. Tickets are still on sale tho(#500), you can get yours before the event and tickets will be sold out #1000 during the event.

Hype24/7: when is this event coming up and where will the event be holding?

Ok, the event is coming up on 27th of this month and the venue is at Fun city park, close to NNPC mega station New Oturkpo Road here in Makurdi and the event start by 12:00 Noon. No African time we are really going to start once is 12:00 O’Clock.

Hype24/7: Having Hype24/7 as your media sponsor,how do you feel about that?
I really want to commend  Hype247 for their good works, they’ve been really supportive to this urban movement. They are our major sponsor and we’ll also continue to work together. Watch out for Hype247 fam the platform is great.

Hype24/7: Is MUC going to be a seasonal show?,

Sure!, our next event will be in December by the grace of God, then we might do a rebranding, the theme will not be Makurdi Urban Chilling but “Makurdi urban fest. Where we’ll have people coming from Jos, Lagos, Abuja, calabar and many other places to be part of what we will be doing. Who knows we might get big and bring Wizkid, Davido, Tiwasavage, Runtwon and many other big artist to grace the show(he laughs ).We are working towards making MUC a success not just for the sake of the forthcoming show, but we are working towards making subsequent editions, not just better but great.

Hype24/7:How can people out there connect with MUC on social media?

Hype247_media will be at the top of the chart for the event. Visit our page on Instagram @makurdiurbanfest_ and Twitter @theurbanplugng and with an hashtag on twitter #MUC2k18 you can connect with us live!

Hype24/7: What do you have to say to your sponsors and every other person out supporting Muc?

I want to say a very big thanks to everyone out there and shout out to all organisers of MUC, most expecially Hype247_media ,johnicks studio ville, Run my race Makurdi… God bless you all.

Hype24/7: Hype24/7: At the moment Benue state is tensed, over the incessant killing that has been going on, would you like to tell us about your security apparatus?

Thank you so much for such a vital question, we are aware of the current security situation of this state. That is why we have contacted the Nigerian Police Force to be on ground and be our guard. The Nigerian Police Force have given us their word that they will be present from the beginning to the end. So I am assuring everyone that MUC will be a safe house for you, so you have nothing to fear at all. Another crucial thing I must say is this, they will be no room for misbehavior anyone caught and found culpable of committing any crime punishable by law will dance to the drum, so come enjoy yourself and don’t put yourself into trouble.

  Hype24/7: Thank you so much for honouring our invitation, we hope to host you on this platform some other time. From all of us at hype24/7 we say thanking and do have a wonderful and fruit show come Friday the 27th of April.

Thank you for having me, I am more honoured. I must say all of you here on hype24/7 are really doing a wonderful job and I urge you all not to relent. On behalf of MUC team we wish to say Thank you for your support, your hype have been massive you guys deserve more accolade than this and most importantly for the bold step hype24/7 took to support Muc even as this is our first edition. We hope to be with hype24/7 in subsequent edition of our shows. Once again thank you and God bless all of you at hype24/7.

Hype24724/7: Thank so much we appreciate

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