LMAO!! Lazy Nigerian Youths Gets Wikipedia Page

  1. After President Muhammadu Buhari Said Nigerian Youths Are Lazy, Yet Expect To Get Everything Free Because Their Country Is An Oil Producing Nation. The Term ‘lazy Nigerian Youths’ Gets A Wikipedia Page.
    The President said this at a forum during the Commonwealth Summit.
    He had been asked why he did not sign the African Continental Free Trade Agreement in Rwanda last month but his response was not only off-target, it hit the “uneducated” Nigerian youth below the belt.
    When this story was reported across the media within the twinkle of an eye, there was a massive backlash on social media — and the hashtag #LazyNigerianYouth started trending.
    The hashtag has recorded hundreds of thousands of tweets and millions of expressions in less than a week.
    The youth seized the opportunity to showcase to the world the ingenuity of their trade and expertise as Nigerians.
    Comedians, musicians, and artists were not left behind. Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the musical prophet, was brought back to life to join on this trend. 

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