DJ Spicey Covers Hype247 Magazine’s Latest Issue


DJ Spicey Covers
Hype247 Magazines Latest Issue


Hype 247 Magazine is fervently committed to such drive that ensures you have unfettered access to the best of content when it comes to happenings in and around the entertainment world, as well as highly educative information on diverse fronts.
It’s in line with our culture of excellence we hereby roll out our first publication for the year 2019, guaranteed to let you in on first rate gists springing from the entertainment world.
A whole lot of accolades have been pouring in from our teaming readers and followers, on account of our last two publications. We really appreciate your loyalty and great support, through which our course is being advanced rapidly.
Hype 247 Magazine is not just here to stay; but poised to stand out in the world of exceptional magazines.
The good news is, it gets a lot better, as we go all out to showcase the new breed of fast rising Nigerian artists who are set to take over the spotlight soon. Recall that our last publication featured an exciting interview with Shime Ahua, an exceptionally talented Benue-born Gospel Music Star. Also, as 2018 came to a wrap, we rolled out a mini serial, which featured heartwarming articles and an exciting interview with the 2017/2018 International Face of Idoma Queen.
Hype 247 celebrates icons who have carved their names in gold; and that’s exactly why our special feature for this publication is an exclusive interview with the spectacular DJ Spicey.
As a quintessential brand in media and publicity, it is our commitment to keep you up to date with the latest in art and lifestyle around the world. Needless to say that the contents of Hype 247 Magazine will surely feed your mind with exciting, entertaining and educative contents.
I’d really like to specially appreciate the amazing Hype 247 Team, who tirelessly put in a whole lot of effort to make this publication a success. It’s always a pleasure working with such brilliant minds.
To you our dear readers, we sincerely appreciate the amazing feedback we’ve been receiving since we unveiled DJ Spicey

Thank you very much.
This edition sustains such aura that guarantees your enjoyment of the contents of each page. Sit tight now, and enjoy awesomeness.
Ene Ogaba (Editor-in-Chief)

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